Friday, March 15, 2013

Stampin' Up! 3D Easter Gift Ideas - without the "chocolate overload"

Hi all! Who would believe Easter is nearly here? I've just got over the Christmas season! They say "time flies when you're having fun"...guess I must be having lots of!! Well here are some of my easter gift ideas for the little ones in the family - "without the chocolate overload"! I wanted to come up with something other than buying a whole lot of chocolate, I think a lot of kids get plenty from the Easter bunny and other family members and usually end up with more chocolate than can be appreciated. So whilst I have put a "hunting size" egg and a few little ones for tradition, I have cellophaned up parcels of marshmallows to add as a filler and made little gold coin "money bags" as my gift to them. At least they can buy something other than chocolate for themselves or pop it into their money boxes, I would have spent the value of the gold coins on a larger chocolate option anyhow! The top picture of the "bunny butt" in pink is actually for my teenage daughter so I'll be putting in a bigger money note for her, a few gold coins won't "cut it" for a teenager, but the little ones will be happy with their little money bags!! That's me organised for easter at least! ..........cheers for now, Sue :)

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