Friday, April 17, 2015

Stampin' Up! Build a Bouquet Kit & Tribute to my Molly

Hi all, I've been unfortunately "absent" from here yet again, so except to say that sometimes "life can give you lemons",so I'll get back on with it! I want to share this one first though, over the New Year holiday weekend I started to assemble the Stampin' Up! Build a Bouquet Kit and believe me this is a lovely project but not for the impatient, I can say if you're happy to take your time a do a bit at a time, then this project is for you. Also if you are a little clumsy with a heat gun, like me, a bit at a time will save you from having to go to a burns (This kit is available from the Stampin' Up! Occasions Catalogue until 2nd June)

Anyhow my story is I had started the project over New Year's holiday but very sadly had to put my lovely little 14 yr old dog, "Molly", to rest on January 3. So feeling very sad and quite devastated at the loss of my "fur baby" I occupied myself with finishing the bouquet and decided to dedicate it to her. In the meantime one of my dear friends (& customer, i love how customers become great friends!!) made me a beautiful "pet style sympathy card" and then my daughter and her Dad saw a little miniature statue that looked like Molly at the Paddington Markets and bought it for me! So now my bouquet, card and fake "Molly" have a place on one of my bookshelves...R.I.P. I think it's a meaningful tribute to my very special little friend.

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