Monday, October 14, 2013

"Breathable" Soap Box Gift Idea - Made with Stampin' Up!

I recently stumbled across some great video tutorials on Youtube made by a talented UK demo, Sam Donald of "Pootles Papercraft", she has made quite a few 3D gift ideas which are one of my favourite projects to make. These particular "breathable" boxes for handmade soaps have a punch hole near the top which allows the soap to breathe and the lovely fragrances to waft out from them, I love Aromatherapy!
Lucky for me I am able to purchase varieties of fragrance and colour soap for a very reasonable price at my local market and am actually able to coordinate the soap colours with the great colour range Stampin' Up! offers. I already made a dozen or so and plan to make quite a few more for Christmas gifts :) By the way if my calculations are correct it is now 71 days till "Ho Ho".........thanks for looking, Sue :)

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  1. I made some of these too Sue after the one you gave me as a gift. :-) Thank you! xx