Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stampin' Up! Googly Ghouls Halloween Treat Bags

To start off I have to say I do like Halloween but probably because I am now a "middle aged" Aussie that this occasion was never celebrated in Australia when I was growing up. To me it is a muched loved American tradition and I do very much like it but it definitely is not an Aussie tradition. However our younger generations now do probably due to all the retail marketing more so than any knowledge if its origins and they all like the most important bits which is 'dressing up" to get "treats and lollies" lol. I am not a total party pooper so this is my effort to join in a little and made these treat bags for the day, mainly for my daughter, some of her friends and for some of my customers attending my classes this week. I bought the Stampin' Up Ghoulish Googlies designer kit which made these projects so much easier and I did also buy the Googly Ghouls stamp set which I know I can use for other projects like little boys "Frankenstein" style birthday cards and the "Witchy" one for girls so I will be able to use this set throughout the year and not just for October 31. Wishing all those that celebrate the day a "happy, ghouly type of day with lots of sweets to enjoy and of course a few frights would have to be included" (wouldn't they?), have a good one anyway...........cheers Sue

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