Sunday, November 4, 2012

My "beginners attempt" at the "Shaving cream technique" - that would be trying to colour paper with ink and shaving cream!

Well this is a technique I've been wanting to attempt but I need to research it a bit better before I try it again! Basically it's layering some shaving cream (I just got a cheap can from Woollies) in a tray and dropping some drops of inks in it, mixing it up a little and laying some cardstock onto it to try and get some interesting combinations of colour and then wiping off the stuff with paper towel. Messy? Yes just a little... but still fun I have to say. Mine kinda look like a four year old has done them but I have seen more "refined, marbly ones" done that look alot better.
I have also been very busy this week creating other exciting projects, which I can't show anyone till after the Sydney Stampin' Up Heartfelt event coming up this Saturday. I was very happy and flattered to be asked to be part of Stampin' Ups Product Playground which I will be helping to demostrate product and make some display projects for, I am really excited and looking forward to it!! So while my projects are "secret" for now I'm sure I will have heaps to share with you the week after the event!.............cheers till next week.......Sue :)

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  1. Hi Sue!
    These look great! I have done shaving cream art with my 3yo just using food dye and i found leaving them for a little bit (like 5 mins) allows the dye to set into the paper a bit better and you dont get as many swipe marks across your marble. Our best ones wee done using 3-4 colours, the 2 colour one didnt look as marbled. I also used a piece of cardboard to scrap off the excess foam. I hope these tips help! And we both had lots of fun, hopeyou did aswell :-)
    Kirra :-)