Sunday, September 9, 2012

Petite Purses made with fabric

Another new "goodie" I now have to play with is the Stampin' Up! Petite Purse Die, sooo easy to make these really cute little purses! I have seen these made in so many different ways but I had it in my mind to try them in some of Stampin' Up's fabrics. I experimented with some different types of adhesives like the Stampin' Up "Anywhere glue stick" and also their "Adhesive Sticky Sheets" as well as Tombow glue. I was happiest with the "sticky sheets"! The glues tend to make the cardstock and fabric go quite "stiff" and not as pliable to work with as the sticky sheets which you also don't have to wait any "drying time" with. I also decided that whilst the front flap has a little tab and there is a small slit in the front of the purse to pop it into to hold it closed that if I were to give one to any "little Misses" who would probably tend to open and close it alot it would "weaken" so I am going to see how cutting the little tab off and using a small velcor closure would go - was going to try it tonight but can't find my velcro stash anywhere!! I have to say I am very happy with this die and there are so many ways you could decorate one - I even thought they would make cute little "Tooth Fairy" purses for little girls!! Well it's nearly Monday so I'm going to get some "shut eye"......Sue

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