Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stampin' Up Tea Shoppe - inspired by Mother's Day Cuppas

Well these cards are like "chalk and cheese" to me even though the layout is the same. The second "psychadelic" coloured card was inspired by a "colour challenge" and these colours certainly took me for a good walk outta my comfort zone, however in the end I liked my layout. I was inspired enough by all the "Mother's Day" coffees I had today to make one in colours more suited to me! It was probably all the caffeine I consumed today that fired me up enough to make it tnite! lol ! Think the second card is actually more the way I'm probably feeling now after so many coffees than the first one! Hope everyone had a great day and got spoilt like all good Mums deserve for at least one day of the year! So enjoyed the dinner I didn't cook tnite even though it was takeaway!

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