Saturday, May 5, 2012

White crayon resist technique - my attempts!

Can't help myself - I have to have a go at just about every technique I see! This one is called "crayon resist". Firstly you stamp your dark (black in this case) image onto glossy paper then you add some white crayon to areas you would like to highlight. The only tricky bit with the top card (which is one of my favourites "Elements of Style") is that you have to concentrate on where you have marked with the white crayon because you can't see it on the white card and because it has so many flowers and leaves I got a bit lost with where I had done and where I hadn't! Anyways the rest is simply to sponge on some colours and then give it a rub with a scrap bit of towel or a little rag to smudge it in a bit.

The bottom card with the girl on the swing from "Forever Young" I actually tried to recess inwards with the framelits dies but it didn't turn out as effective as I planned but I liked it in the end. Enjoy the rest of your weekend............Sue

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